About Flexkeeping

We would never build a product without the intention of being the best of the best. Being good enough – that’s just not us. We’re here to become the absolute, worldwide number one. If this was the Tour de France, we are racing for the yellow shirt and we intend to keep it for the foreseeable future. Every day, every year, every race.

Following that maxim, we have seen a 300% year-on-year growth, expanded from one to over twenty countries and from managing a couple of hundred hotel rooms to over 30,000 of them, worldwide. We are working with small boutique hotels as well as some of the biggest hotel chains in the world. And we are doing all that from our HQ in Ljubljana, Slovenia – a country the size of 20,273 km² and a population of just over 2 million.

While that’s all good, we are out for more, far more! We want to become the world number one SaaS platform in our segment.

In order to achieve that, we believe in a team of individuals doing their best and being their individual number ones. We want everyone on our team to shine in their own way and we would love to give you the playground to do so. If you are ready to spread your wings, we are ready to be the wind beneath your wings, pushing you higher and higher. We can’t wait to give you all the resources, energy and the environment you need so that you can help us in getting that yellow shirt, which we are destined to get.