Do you like chaining pipes in templates and piping operators in Observables? Do you hate seeing ‘Expression Changed After It Has Been Checked Error’ but you know exactly why it happens? This might be a job for you!

At Infinum, we develop and design great software for mobile, web, and the Internet of Things. Our clients are large brands, banks, insurance companies, media publishers, mobile carriers, etc. Many awards prove the quality of our work, the experts working here share their knowledge on our blog, whereas our Facebook and Instagram show how much fun we have while doing it.

We’re a bunch of young people, we appreciate humor, music, quality code, beautiful design and a friendly work atmosphere.

Who are we looking for?

Experienced Angular engineers interested in developing scalable web applications using good practices and modern tools.

We are looking for someone who is driven to move a project forward in terms of focusing on code quality, constantly improving the current codebase, as well as improving the processes that are being used among team members.
It is important that you are a team player as you will be working on large projects together with team members from every aspect of the development process. The whole team participates in project-related discussions and you will have the possibility to adapt the application according to customer feedback.

As the JavaScript ecosystem changes rapidly, you will have the freedom to improve processes on the projects you are working on. Our current Angular stack includes TypeScript and RxJS, and we tend to build reusable components and front-end libraries. We encourage writing unit and integration tests, but we are also fond of end-to-end and visual regression testing.

If you recognize yourself in some of the following things, we will be happy to receive your application. If you have:

  • experience with Angular
  • basic understanding of RxJS
  • a good understanding of the web and browsers
  • experience with the terminal (git, npm, yarn, etc.)
  • knowledge of software development patterns
  • excellent English knowledge

These would be nice to have, but are not formal requirements:

  • experience with server-side rendered applications
  • advanced understanding of RxJS
  • experience with TypeScript
  • experience with JS testing libraries like Mocha, Jasmine, Qunit, …
  • active contributions to open source projects and organizations

What are we offering?

A welcoming community of fellow engineers that love working but also love contributing back to the community. You’ll have a chance to work on both large and small projects (long term or short term) with people who always give their best. You will help shape how Infinum works by contributing to our code style and code guides.

Aside from that, Infinum offers an extensive set of perks which you can read about on our Careers page. Here’s the gist of it and what we’re most proud of:

  • A competitive compensation which will depend on your own experience
  • The opportunity to share your knowledge with the rest of the team as well as young colleagues
  • The opportunity to travel to conferences and meetups
  • Flexible working hours
  • Specializing in React or Angular
  • The chance to communicate your ideas and bring them to life

How to apply?

If you think we can live up to your expectations and you’re willing to share your experience and knowledge, apply using the form below. Please send us:

  • a code sample of some of your previous work or your Github/Bitbucket profile link
  • your CV

Make sure to upload all of the documents (CV, cover letter, …) in .pdf.

Apply here: https://infinum.co/careers/angular-expert-1245073


About Infinum

We're an independent design and development agency specialized in mobile and web development, 220 people in 4 offices, creating beautiful software for 14 years.

Our clients are large brands, banks, insurance companies, media publishers, mobile carriers and other companies with the need for professionally designed and developed mobile apps.

We offer our clients a full-service approach in all phases of software development - developing a creative concept, planning, graphic design, programming, testing, and publishing.

We're a bunch of young people, we appreciate humor, music, quality code, beautiful design, and a friendly work atmosphere. We also have dogs.