Zemanta is part of Outbrain, world’s leading content discovery platform that serves over 300B personalised recommendations monthly, reaching over 800M users from across the globe.

To support this scale, we manage a fleet of over 7000 physical servers, spread across several data centers. Scalability, reliability and “building the right thing” are in our genes, and we wholeheartedly embrace automation and open-source.

We are looking for a NoSQL infrastructure senior engineer to join Outbrain’s data store team.

In this role, you will deal with building and operating a variety of distributed systems mainly Hadoop, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Memcached, Druid, Vertica and more.

You will be facing great challenges around scale, cross DC support, visibility, automation, and deployment of services in a microservice as well as multi-tenant environments in physical and cloud environments, and will be using a variety of tools like Chef, Prometheus, Grafana and more to do that.

You will also be dealing with solving complex system issues and constantly improving the performance of the service.

An ideal candidate is a Big Data expert with experience in Linux administration.


  • Overall production data system health (including hundreds of servers).
  • Provide architectural solutions for complex data issues, involving large-scale solutions and rapid growth.
  • Building and maintaining high-performance, fault-tolerant, scalable distributed software systems.
  • Continuous improvement of Operation processes and procedures.


  • Experience with large scale distributed database system
  • Knowledge with cloud providers – big advantage
  • Experience in one or more scripting languages such as bash/ruby/python
  • In-depth knowledge of Linux administration
  • Curiosity and a desire to continue learning new processes and technologies in order to become a professional in those systems.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.


We care deeply and invest heavily into our team, setting everybody up for growth and success. In addition to being a part of a great team, working in a fast-paced environment, learning from other smart people and skyrocketing your skills, we offer:

  • International environment: work with world-class Zemanta & Outbrain engineers based in Ljubljana and Tel Aviv
  • Full-time employment with an attractive salary package
  • Participate in the success of the company through our stock package
  • Access to additional trainings and courses to support your growth & development
  • A laptop and other equipment of your choice
  • Opportunity to give back to community – by open-sourcing code, giving talks and sharing knowledge through our tech blog
  • Free access to the gym and pool across the street to keep you in shape
  • Hybrid working mode (1-2 days per week in the office – or all days in the office if that’s what you prefer)

About Zemanta an Outbrain Company

At Zemanta, we're building the most advanced native advertising platform in the world. Marketing agencies love our dashboard - they use it to run native advertising campaigns that can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Offering them the tools they need to be successful is our main priority, so we are expanding our team to take our platform to the next level.

Zemanta recently joined Outbrain, the largest native advertising company in the world, on their mission of enabling everyone to discover great content.