We’re looking for someone to give our web apps the love they deserve. Most important is our React-based public facing app, now getting over 2 million unique visitors monthly, but we also have 3 internal apps that could use some interface improvement. You will be joining a team of 5 backend devs (4 more in the mobile team) and your main tasks will be:

  • Developing the public-facing web app (https://mediately.co)
  • Developing internal web apps
  • Driving forward the development of ‘tools’ (components, used both on web and mobile)
  • Working on tooling and component libraries
  • You need to know your modern Javascript (at least 4 years of experience) and be willing to tackle an existing React codebase, although longer-term we’re not wedded to this particular framework. You need to be familiar with HTML/CSS and the messy reality of the browser development environment. We’re not requiring you to be a designer, but some UI/UX skills and sensitivities are definitely a good thing.


We offer to hire you full-time with an indefinite contract (“nedoločen čas” in Slovenian law) and for non-Slovenians, there are other options. We do not obsess over formal education, as long as you have the skills we need.

We have nice offices in the very heart of Ljubljana, but if you think you have enough self-discipline, we have no problem with remote work and weird work hours. We use agile development methods as much as is practical, but we’re not zealots. A very short daily meeting is unavoidable, otherwise, we will let you work in peace.

If you see yourself helping our user base of 170.000 medical professionals and over 2 million patients (growing ~90% yearly in the last few years) who currently depend on us for fast, useful and objective drug information, contact us on jobs at mediately.co!

About Mediately

We help doctors with immediate medical information on their phones, helping them provide the right treatment at the right moment. With our mobile app, we make their jobs easier and save them time so they can dedicate more time to their real job, helping patients. We started with an idea from two doctors in 2012, and we are now by far the most popular medical information app in 8 countries and expanding, with an enthusiastic and growing team of 20 people.

Used daily by 70.000 doctors and a combined 170.000 healthcare professionals, we answer (literally) millions of their questions each month, about which drug to prescribe, how to prescribe it, how to diagnose a disease, and much more. And our users love us (check our reviews), more than half of all doctors in Slovenia use the app daily.