We’re looking for a backend developer to take over development and maintenance of parts of our backend infrastructure. You’ll be responsible for development of new services and features while also thinking about how the changes affect deployment, scaling and other services in the system.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Take ownership of parts of our backend infrastructure getting to know it inside out from a product, code, tests, security and performance perspective.
  • Helping in the product design process by providing estimates on development and maintenance cost while keeping the level of quality and security.
  • Develop new services, making sure they fit in the overall architecture, are designed to scale at a proper rate and are properly tested and documented.
  • Participate in wider discussions on backend architecture and propose improvements.
  • Follow development and standards trends targeted at improving every aspect of the product.

About you

You have experience building, maintaining, testing and deploying APIs and other services with asynchronous frameworks.

You are no stranger to leading people, building things from scratch and working with insufficient requirements.

Speaking many languages is always a plus for a developer – you speak fluent python and english, with a decent knowledge of JavaScript, SQL and Redis.

You are confident to work with websockets and secure protocols. Whenever you write code you consider speed, security and maintainability.

Your role

You’ll join the team in Ljubljana; our offices are near BTC where we have our research, development and design team.

You will work in our backend team alongside our CTO and another senior developer.

Occasionally you’ll be expected to travel to London, UK to work side by side with our sales, marketing and operations team.

You’ll report to the CTO.


At Klevio we offer:

  • A competitive compensation package (salary and options).
  • A beautiful office space with plenty of sunlight, great transportation options and free parking.
  • Regular international travel to our office in London to work with our London team.
  • A hardware and conference budget.
  • Access to Bob the Makerbot.
  • A chance to be part of the team that brings an exciting new product to market and changes the way people think about accessing property.

Your privacy

Any information you submit through our job application process will be used for the purposes of assessing your suitability for a role at Klevio. We may also retrieve and store information from your public social media profiles for the same purpose.

How to apply

If you think you’re a good fit, tell us why, send your CV and links to your work to careers at klevio.com. No need to email if you’re a recruiter.

About Klevio

The team behind Klevio have been at the forefront of the smart-home technology revolution for several years, building a solution for managing thousand of properties, and an ambiental sensors network. Between them our team members have cofounded 8 startups and have 50+ years of startup management experience.