Databox, a fast-growing, global software-as-a-service (SaaS) software company that helps other companies monitor, report and improve their performance, is looking for Technical Sales Consultant(s) to help us keep up with the demand for our service.  Join us and accelerate your career growth as we accelerate our already 30% year-over-year growth

4,000 (and counting) new users trial our software every month. Our technical sales consultants guide them as they connect and visualize their data from other software tools they use such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Shopify, Facebook & Google Ads, Youtube, Google Sheets, SQL databases and any of our other 100s of integrations.

Specifically, you will: 

  • Become an expert at Databox and our most popular integrations through hands-on work and weekly training classes.
  • Starting in week 2, respond to support tickets and offer assistance via email to free trial users.
  • Starting in week 4, manage live chat sessions from users who are evaluating and setting up the product.
  • When fully trained (3-6 months), run 1:1 Zoom demonstration, troubleshooting and product-setup calls with prospects who need or want personalized, live assistance.
  • Work with our technical support and services team to identify and manage upgrade opportunities and our partners to help them expand the number of Data Source connections and clients they have on the Databox platform.
  • Collaborate with our product and marketing teams to gather ideas for product improvements and content that we should create to help our customers.
  • Collaborate with management to help us develop and implement changes that increase our efficiency and improve the customer self-service experience.

The Business intelligence space is estimated to be a $16B industry, yet no company has figured out how to acquire and serve customers as efficiently as we have. Join us and help us deliver business intelligence to the millions of companies who don’t have it yet.


The best candidates will excel at the following:

Inside Consultative Sales You must have strong consultative selling, analytical and presentation skills. You excel at finding and closing new business from a large list of inbound generated leads and free trials, as well as upgrade opportunities from existing customers. You are a goal oriented, self starter with excellent communication and organizational skills. You must work well independently from a remote location, accept and apply coaching and be accountable for agreed-upon outcomes. Ideally, you have experience selling a customizable solution to small and medium sized business in a short sales cycle in a moderately-competitive market.

Customer problem solving: When you interact with a customer, you can quickly uncover their true objectives and can help them chart a path to getting what they want out of a product. You can teach others to do this too.

Software knowledge: Experience using popular software in the marketing, sales and services functions like HubSpot, Google Analytics, Drift, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Helpscout, Intercom and Mixpanel. (We use many of these tools to do our jobs and because we integrate with these and 100+ other tools, our sales team must understand these tools intimately so they can help  our customers use them with Databox.)

Technical skills: Our goal is to simplify how companies implement performance tracking without hiring an analyst or a developer. Our software accomplishes this for a good portion of many of our customer’s needs. However, there are times when we need to help them with more complex things. So, you must know or be able to learn software and the metrics each software produces in order to help customers. And since developers can build on our platform using SQL databases, our APIs and our custom query builder, experience with software development, database design and advanced analytics tools is a plus.

Collaboration: We have a team selling environment where we optimize for responsiveness and thoroughness for our prospects and customers. This sometimes means  that multiple team members will help the same prospect with different needs. So, we’re looking for people who love working on a  collaborative team and know how to effectively communicate with other team members to get the job done. In other words, achieving goals as a team is as rewarding to you as achieving individual targets.


  • Excellent English-language speaking and writing
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Analytics and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing environment


This position is an opportunity to work in a high-growth company with a flexible schedule and location. We are looking for the great candidates, regardless of location. Our current team and customer base is distributed globally across several continents with concentrations of team members in Ptuj and Ljubljana, Slovenia and Novi Sad, Serbia.

The role offers very competitive compensation by location with the opportunity to double your earnings in 1-3 years based on performance.

Apply here: https://databox.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=47&source=aWQ9MTE%3D