We are a technology company helping our clients solve business challenges by implementing the state-of-the art methods of data science, predictive analytics and machine learning based on open-source technologies. We offer comprehensive services completely tailored to our costumers. We design and develop AI projects from beginning to end and offer our client a continuous support throughout the project. Our services include data preparation, model development, and efficient integration of our solutions into our clients‘ working process.

Ektimo je tehnološko podjetje, ki svojim naročnikom pomaga reševati njihove poslovne izzive z implementacijo metod podatkovne znanosti, strojnega učenja in umetne inteligence. Podjetje sestavlja skupina podatkovnih znanstvenikov in inženirjev z raznolikimi strokovnimi in akademskimi ozadji, ki s svojimi znanji in izkušnjami tvorijo most med najsodobnejšimi odkritji iz raziskovalne sfere ter njihovo uporabo za reševanje problemov v dejanskih produkcijskih okoljih naročnikov.


We are mostly data scientists and data engineers with extraordinary mathematical background. The nature of our projects requires us to be flexible and adaptable, with the will and capability to learn new, bleeding edge technologies every day.


We are tech enthusiasts with one common goal – help other businesses reach the potential in their data and step up their AI game. Work culture inside the company is genuinely helpful and relaxed, with our offices being surrounded by other interesting tech startups inside the building of the glorious former tobacco factory.


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JANUARY 11th 2019

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