We are an SaaS company that helps hotel staff in running their hotels better and we want every hotel in the world to run on our platform. Our goal is to become the industry leader of the segment in the very near future.

The Flexkeeping app covers areas from housekeeping and maintenance to management and even includes guest service requests. Moreover, its built-in voice control and translation features solve multi-lingual barriers among employees directly through the easy to-use app.

Based on real-time information, the app is capable of improving the quality of service, guest experience and staff productivity. As a consequence, hotels are given a real opportunity to maximise their performance and revenue.

Founded in 2013, Flexkeeping is currently operating 30,000 rooms in 250 hotels of renowned global brands, making it one of the leading and fastest growing companies within its field.

Smo SaaS podjetje, ki omogoča hotelskemu osebju bolj učinkovito vodenje hotelov in želimo, da bi vsak hotel na svetu uporabljal našo platformo. Naš cilj za bližnjo prihodnost je postati sinonim za standard v panogi.

Flexkeeping aplikacija pokriva področja delovanja kot so gospodinjstvo, vzdrževanje, vodstvo kot tudi želje in pripombe gostov. Dodatno vrednost predstavljata naša funkcija glasovnega upravljanja ter funkcija takojšnjega prevajanja, ki rešujeta probleme povezane z večjezičnim osebjem.

Na podlagi informacij v realnem času, izboljša uporaba aplikacije kvaliteto usluge, izkušnjo gostov ter produktivnost osebja. Vse to omogoča hotelom, da optimizirajo ponudbo in dobiček.

Flexkeeping je bil ustanovljen leta 2013 in je od takrat zrasel v mednarodno podjetje, ki upravlja z več kot 30.000 sobami po celem svetu in sodeluje z nekaj najbolj poznanimi svetovnimi hotelskimi verigami.


We are an ever-growing team with diverse job positions but can be approximately divided like so: 7 front- and backend developers, 4 sales, 5 implementations&CS, graphic designer, office manager and the 2 top dogs -> Co-Founders, who work hard alongside of us 🙂


We are a team of young and young-at-hearts who like to foster a friendly and fun atmosphere in our open plan office but let each other be when work needs to be done. Slippers are the word, whether you’re in the office or working remotely!

We hang out at our fancy coffee maker (most of us are coffee addicts 🙂 ) and practice democracy when deciding on a lunch place. Once a month we go for team drinks and every few months for a relaxing team break out of town, all compliments of the company, of course!


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