GewdGame is an esports talent marketplace and matching service. We empower players to get started on their pro esports career path, be it as a coach, team, or streamer. Our vision for the future is to offer a comprehensive set of tools for ambitious gamers with team funding options, analytics tools, team management etc.

GewdGame je e-sports talent in matching marketplace. Igralce opolnomočimo, da začnejo svojo esports poklicno pot, bodisi kot trener, ekipa ali streamer. Naša vizija je v prihodnosti ponuditi obsežen nabor orodij za ambiciozne e-igralce z možnostjo vlaganja v ekipe, analitična orodja, upravljanje ekip, itd.


We are a team of 3 (1 dev, 1 marketing, 1 sales) + one dev intern.


Most importantly, we’re gamers. We like non-PC jokes and dank memes, but we accept everyone for who they are, as long as they’re not jerks. Perks of being part of our team include going to gaming events and conferences together (that’s what we can afford at this time). We go out to eat together once a month even though we have a vegan and a sworn meat-eater on the team 😉


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JANUARY 11th 2019

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