Lake is a coloring app for adults that puts artists and their artwork first. It offers coloring book collections by an ever-growing community of talented illustrators from all over the world. In terms of the coloring experience, Lake comes packed with creativity-enhancing tools, carefully selected color shades and modalities, all of these intended to help anyone create a beautiful masterpiece. Users can buy an individual coloring book of their beloved artist(s) or subscribe to the whole package. Whatever their decision, a significant part of every purchase goes directly to artists.

Lake je digitalna pobarvanka za odrasle, ki na prvo mesto postavlja ilustratorje in njihova avtorska dela. Uporabnik lahko v aplikaciji izbira med ilustracijami, ki jih prispevajo mednarodno priznani umetniki, zbirka sodelujočih avtorjev pa se neprestano veča. Natančno premišljena izkušnja barvanja, pri kateri uporabnik izbira med skrbno določenimi barvnimi odtenki, orodji in modalitetami, omogoča všečen končni izdelek, ki tako postane novo umetniško delo. Uporabnik s posameznim nakupom ali naročnino na aplikacijo bogati svojo zbirko, hkrati pa tudi finančno podpre sodelujoče ilustratorje.


Currently, our team consists of 8 members, and believe it or not, the majority is women. We don’t divide our team members into different departments, but rather work as a single group. There are two designers, two engineers, three PR/marketing/content/QA people, and one data analyst.


We believe main company’s values are being open, creative, communicate well and deliver the best you can. Our AI DJ Boris is the one who keeps our mood up with the right choice of music. We don’t have many meetings, but when we do, they are loooong. We encourage remote work, have lots of plants and the highest ratio of iDevices per person. Sweets and pets are welcomed, bad manners aren’t. The primary language in our office is English, although 87.5% of the team speaks Slovene rather fluently.


  • Apple Design Award
  • Editor’s Choice
  • App of the Day


Ljubljanska cesta 24d, 4000 Kranj

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