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We are lookling for a great idea, inovative idea, ambitious people, individuals, groups. By transfering knowledge to them, we educated them in a great companies, startups. At the Startup Crawl we would like to introduce you LUI and our startups.

Spodbujamo inovativnost in ambicioznost ter s prenosom znanja ustvarjamo vrednost in gradimo uspešen startup ekosistem. V okviru Startup Crawl dogodka vam želimo predstaviti LUI in naše startupovce.


On LUI you’ll find bunch of startups. Very energize, always full of people, full of noise, but if you need a quiet place there’s always a quiet room for you. Some of star-ups also bring their pets in their office. We always work hard and listen to heavy metal.



Pharsol is engaged in the development and distribution of products for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. As a part of the distribution, the company offers bioreactors and other bioprocess equipment from the manufacturers of BBI Biotech, BioNet and Nordson Medical. The result of its own development are tailor made kits for supporting bioprocesses and tools for use in the laboratory. The latter is also their product CryoHolder, designed to safely transfer frozen cryovials.


ePrvak group are user experience and digital communication experts since 2010. Data is the next oil of this century. We help our costumer to gather big data about their users and to efficiently use this data for better communication (omnichannel, personalized and automated) that makes great user experience, lowers communication costs and increase sales. We also optimize user experience of web pages, user interfaces, products and services with design thinking methods and usability testing. 

Our solutinos:

  • Advanced communication platform EMA (Marketing automation, CRM, SMS, e-mail).
  • User-friendly e-mail marketing application ePrvak.
  • Consulting on content marketing, e-mail marketing, marketing automation.
  • User experience optimization, usability testing and design thinking implementation.
  • GlobalWebDJ.com music streaming service for shops, bars and hotels


At AgiliCity d.o.o. we are developing specialized software for urban design and modeling called Modelur. It offer significantly faster (2.4x) and more precise (4.6x) design of the building than existing CAD programs. Given that almost half a billion people are moving to cities in the next three decades, this is an important innovation, which allows cities to be more flexible, predictable and transparent with the planning of their spatial development. We want to include talented individuals, who care about the environment we live in and would like to help us develop the program and / or our work.


IURALL is a technology platform that enables customers to connect with certified and specialized lawyers online, making it quicker and more transparent, with pre-established prices, by:

  • deploying “the right lawyer for the right task” based on the experience, expertise and value of the case to the client; and
  • preparing a work plan for each matter by determining the phases and tasks of each cooperation – which lawyer will perform the task, the expected result of the work, the deadline for implementation and the related cost.

GLIVE  –Trajnostni material v oblikovanju

We are a company that manufactures and cultivates sustainable material from a self-contained biocompost on the basis of the mycelium of fungi and mycelium goods. Biocomposite material represents the use of natural resources as an alternative to synthetic and ecologically disputing materials. Self-contained ecologically sound biocompatible material is implemented in various products for the interior and also for wider use. Material characterized by exceptional lightness, but sufficient strength and non-combustibility and water-repellence in synergy with other materials are combined into designer finished products and semi-finished products. This is a new material in a wide range of sustainable development both from a perspective, from a social, economic and environmental point of view.


Milkywaste is a green business idea that emerged as a response to the increasingly pressing global problem of plastic saturation in our environment. We have found an environmentally friendly way of using milk proteins from over-production of milk and waste dairy products for the production of biodegradable and edible packaging and emulsions for the needs of the food industry and packing machines.


Under the Silway brand, we are developing leisure and strengthening devices for cognitive and other abilities of elderly people and people with dementia. The products are intended for both the elderly in institutional care and those living in the home environment. They can be used as a help product for work therapists, relatives, grandchildren, and/or independently. Our products are for example. puzzles, tactile wooden puzzles and board games, all of which are adapted to the abilities of older people and people with dementia. With our own online store, we are entering the US market and starting to develop a network of distributors.


GewdGame is an esports talent marketplace and matching service. We empower players to get started on their pro esports career path, be it as a coach, team, or streamer. Our vision for the future is to offer a comprehensive set of tools for ambitious gamers with team funding options, analytics tools, team management etc.


Interactive cycling game Simathlon is a modern multimedia solution based on the concept of “exergaming” (exercise and game). With our activity and cycling through the created virtual landscapes, we control the course of the game itself and the cyclists in it. The Simathlon cycling game has a significant impact on health and well-being of the users, while also taking care of their entertainment, socializing and motivation. The competition component is also important. Promising results already confirm that we are on the right track.

FeeDKo Petfood

FeeDKo PetFood is a brand of natural dog and cat food, an alternative to home-made dog and cat meals. The products consist of meat (Slovenian origin), various vegetables and various carbohydrate sources in combination with vitamins and minerals. Products are a unique and unique solution for all owners of dogs and cats who prepare meals at home, for everyone who finds hundreds and one excuse to avoid getting ready, but at the same time they are aware of the effect of nutrition on the health and well-being of pets.



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