MESI is involved in development and production of medical devices for diagnostics means. The inovation lunched this year is an ice breaker in the field of diagnostics of peripheral arterial disease. This Automated ankle brachial pressure measuring device indicates occlusions of main arteries in lower extremities. The procedure takes only 3 minutes and it can be held by a nurse, meanwhile the old procedure with doppler ultrasound takes 30 minutes and it must be performed by a doctor.

MESI ABPI MD – t.i. merilnik gleženjskega indeksa je medicinska naprava za diagnosticiranje zamašitev žil arterij v nogah. Produkt je namenjen družinskim zdravnikom, kardiologom internistom, žilnim specialistom ter vsem zdravnikom, ki se ukvarjajo z diabetesom in oskrbo kroničnih ran. Ti zdravniki uporabljajo MESI ABPI MD za diagnosticiranje zamašitve ali nevarnosti zamašitve arterije oz. periferne arterijske bolezni, ki omogoča pravočasen začetek zdravljenja in preprečitev resnih zapletov poteka bolezni kot so infarkt, kap ali izredno poslabšanje kvalitete življenje zaradi amputacije uda kot posledica popolne zamašitve arterije. Čas diagnostike z MESI ABPI MD je 1 minuta. Predstavlja alternativo ultrazvočnim metodam, ki zdravniku vzamejo več kot 30 minut. 


Our team is divided into 4 departments. Our development team consist of 11 members (from software, hardware and mechanical engineers to industrial designers and product managers) – this are the brains of our company who work on development of new products. Our sales and marketing team counts 14 members from different background (even international) e.g. sales managers, marketing and design experts, project managers etc. – this department gives energy to our day-to-day life since the majority of team members are open and enthusiastic talkers 🙂 And then there is a production team (9 members) which has a spirit of their own – almost all of the production team members are under 30 years old, so you can imagine the good atmosphere they create – they give a good impression of a functional family who supports all the development, sales and marketing team and work well with the operations department. The main glue of all this connections gives the operations team of 3 members which share the same introverted-extroverted qualities to fuel the organisation as a whole.


Our MESI team is quite colourful, since we have a mixed team members from software and hardware engineering, economics and social sciences background to law, graphic and industrial design background and everything in between. We share many cheerful moments together either by sharing coffee (some of us are coffee maniacs), get high together on regular supply of office sweets (and fruits), unwind and relax with some of the in-the-office massages or Friday after-work drinks. One common thing about all the members is the internal clock for lunch break which goes of simultaneously at 11:00 o’clock- we enjoy talking about food and exchange recipes, ride MESI bikes to lunch or take a walk to get some fresh air. Also, we do a lot of sports activities together which MESI supports fully (from group activities to individual fitness sessions).


In the year of 2018 we won 2 awards: Red Dot Design Award for MESI mTABLET ECG and MESI mTABLET ECG; Gigodesign BIG SEE Awards. In the previous years we received Rector’s award for best innovation, The Golden Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for Innovation, COINVEST Award – Winner at a high-tech investment conference, Choice award for the hottest startup in six categories by Coinvest and Initiative Startup Slovenia. Also, Slovenian government decided to donate the ABPI MD device as a protocol gift to Mr Kawasaki, President of Hitachi, and Mrs Pliberšek, Australian Minister of Health.


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JANUARY 11th 2019

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