We make mobile apps and games. Our clients range from large enterprise companies like Petrol and international like Outfit7 and Hitachi to smaller startups, like our own co-founded Witsports.

Razvijamo mobilne aplikacije in igre. Naše stranke so velika podjetja kot je Petrol in mednarodna kot sta Outfit7 in Hitachi, pa tudi manjša zagonska podjetja, kot npr. naš so-ustanovljeni Witsports.


5 front-end engineers, 3 backend engineers, 1.5 QA engineers, 2 project managers, 1 sales and marketing, 1 user experience designer, 1 graphic designer – so that’s 10 of us total in the team. 🙂


We work quietly, until we don’t. Occasional lively philosophical debates on life-threatening issues, work-related development challenges, or just about anything, keep us coming for more. Oh, and there’s a dog – mostly outside the office.


  • Winner of the first European NFC competition Touching the Future
  • Mobile premier awards nominee
  • Srebrno priznanje GZS Dawn of Play – Best Indie Game Developer
  • CE Startup Award, 2016


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JANUARY 11th 2019

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