Making finance fun. Helping people to make sense of their personal finances with the help of mobile and web apps.

Naš cilj je naresti finance zabavne – pomagati ljudem s pomočjo spletnih in mobilnih aplikacij osmisliti njihove osebne stroške (stroški so zmoški potroškov in cen poslovnih dobrin).


4 engineers, 1 designer/illustrator, 1 CEO/UX/marketing/support


We work in slippers, not shoes. Quietly for the most part, save some impromptu discussions. Almost all work remotely part of the time, daily schedules are flexible too. We have quick daily meetings, where we all get together either in person or remotely. We’re all shareholders in the company. Sometimes we take a break and go up an (easy) mountain or karting together.


  • Finovate Best of Show
  • Europas award for best finance/payments startup


Slovenian Startup and Tech Companies Open Doors Day
JANUARY 11th 2019

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    Toshl Finance Track all your cards and cash in one place.
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