For manufacturing companies who struggle to train the next generation of workers, REWO is a knowledge digitalization solution, which drastically improves capturing, visualizing and communicating knowledge to anyone within the company’s ecosystem.

REWO je namenjen proizvodnim podjetjem, ki želijo izboljšati kvaliteto dela in prenos znanja pri svojih zaposlenih. REWO je platforma za digitalizacijo znanja, ki drastično izboljša zajem, vizualizacijo in prenos znanja v celotnem ekosistemu podjetja.


10 people:

  • 3 business
  • 7 engineer


We’re a team of more than a dozen virtuosos with deep knowledge about the VR & AR industry and decades of exper.ience in technical development and computer graphics. In the past, we worked for Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, Bosch, and others. We surround ourselves with people that worked on visionary projects like Microsoft’s Hololens and held top executive positions. We also play ping-pong and play games together.


  • Startup of the Year 2017
  • CEE Startup Award 2018
  • Podim Challenge Award 2015
  • SXSW Finalist


Slovenian Startup and Tech Companies Open Doors Day
JANUARY 11th 2019

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