These Terms and Conditions of use regulate the use of the Website and regulate the relationship between the User and the Website Manager and are drafted in accordance with the currently valid legislation of Slovenia. is an online two-sided marketplace for the startup and IT sectors.

The owner, holder of the domain name and Manager of the Website is company Poslovno svetovanje, Jure Vižintin s.p., Mesarska cesta 16, 1000 Ljubljana


Website/ Portal relates to the Website
Website Manager relates to the company Poslovno svetovanje, Jure Vižintin s.p., Mesarska cesta 16, 1000 Ljubljana
User relates to the Website User, registered or not registered, logged-in or anonymous. The User can, according to their status view and submit content to publishing, publish content and edit content, where content is related to either searching for or offering employment. The User can act as a User-candidate whose primary interaction with the Website is that of a job seeker and/or a User-employer whose primary interaction with the Website is that of a job offerer.
Client related to that User or group of Users, an individual or legal entity, who enters into a business relationship with the Website Manager through ordering a publication of content, publication of featured content or other services.
Services relate to services offered by the Website or the Website Manager:
– publication of job adds on the Website,
– advertising on the Website, connected newsletter, and social media channels.
The Website Manager does not perform the business activities of internship or employment agency or activities of securing employment or work for other Users.


By accessing this Website, you are agreeing to be bound by these Website Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws, and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. You are responsible for any illegal actions you perform as the User of the Website. Terms and conditions apply to registered and not registered, logged-in and anonymous Users alike. Users are prohibited to use the name in any circumstances, any form and any purpose unless the use is explicitly allowed with these Terms and Conditions of Use, currently valid applicable legislation or prior written consent of the Website Manager.


All content of the Website (text, graphic elements, media, software or source code), belongs to the Website Manager or it’s Clients and is subject to copyright protection laws as a data collection or individual work or service. Permission is granted to temporarily download one copy of the materials (information or software) on StartupJob.Si Website for personal, non-commercial transitory viewing only.

It is prohibited to copy, duplicate, re-publish, change, download, print or distribute parts of content or the whole content of the Website without prior written consent of the company or author, except for personal use and use, explicitly allowed with specific serviced of the Website Manager.

This license shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions and may be terminated by StartupJob.SI at any time. The Website Manager can temporarily or permanently terminate the use license also in case of suspicion of breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use, especially in cases of suspicion of industrial espionage or information collecting with the intent of commercial use of this information.

Upon terminating your viewing of these materials or upon the termination of this license, you must immediately destroy any downloaded materials in your possession whether in electronic or printed format.

The use of the Website’s content is allowed solely for personal, non-commercial purpose unless explicitly otherwise specified in the Terms and Conditions of Use, currently valid applicable legislation or prior written consent of the Website Manager.

It is prohibited to mimic or engage in activities, which would harm the reputation, working and/or use of Website. It is prohibited to sell and upgrade the Website, steal or copy databases in parts or as a whole, to scrape content  or use other robots for automatic information retrieval from the Website or otherwise automatically interfere with or communicate with the Website. This prohibition is not applicable to web browsers (universal search engines; browsers who seek and publish links to all Websites from certain geographic areas regardless of the content, industry segment, file type or other characteristics). The prohibition can be removed based on the prior written consent of the Website Manager.


The Website Manager is not responsible for:

    •       any potential damage of software or hardware used to access the Website;
    •        any damage to or loss of data resulting from wrong use, technical unsuitability of software or hardware or lack of knowledge or skill on the side of User or Client;
    •        Website’s malfunctioning or not functioning due to disturbances or not functioning of the internet connection between the User and the Website or Website Manager and between the Client and the Website or Website Manager;
    •     Website or Website Manager’s service malfunctioning resulting from force major;
    •        potential damage to the User or Client resulting from the incapability of Website use due to issues related with trust in the Website’s content or services, due to data loss or other reasons connected with working and accessibility of the Website;
  •     content, published on the Website, where content refers to the content submitted to the Website by Users or Clients. The Website Manager consequentially takes no responsibility for truthfulness and legality of content submitted/published by Users or Clients;
  • inaccurate information submitted by employer-Users;
    guaranteeing a response to a job application from Clients (and other employer-Users, who submitted a job add outside of the Client relationship), because the response depends on demands and characteristics of the posting and internal employment procedures;
  • guaranteeing a response from candidate-Users to a job posting, because the response depends on demand and characteristics of the posting and User interests;
  • late, lacking delivery or undelivery of messages;
  • harmful consequences of the use of the Website content, its accuracy, correctness, completeness and being up-to date;
  • the Website Manager and his suppliers are not responsible in any case for any damage (i.e.: damage resulting from loss of data or income or damage resulting from disturbance in conducting business), resulting from use or inability to use the Website content, including cases when the Website Manager has been notified in advance in oral or written form about the possibility of such damage occurrence.


Materials appearing on StartupJob.SI Website can include technical, typographical or photographic mistakes. The Website Manager does not vouch for accuracy, fullness or being up to date of materials on their Website.

The Website Manager and authors are not responsible for harmful consequences of the use of Website and it’s content. The Website Manager can at any time without notice change materials on their Website.

Despite these provisions the author of the content and the Website Manager will strive towards accuracy, correctness, being up to date and usefulness of Website content.


The Website Manager can at any time reject or remove the whole or parts of the content, especially when a breach of Terms and Conditions and currently valid legislation and regulation occurs. The Website Manager also holds the right to delete any content if they believe that the content or parts of it do not comply with these Terms and Conditions and currently valid legislation or rights of 3rd parties.

In such case, the Website Manager reserves the right to delete User account or cancels account authentication of the User or Client and prevents further use of the Website. can delete all content from the User or related group of Users that have breached these Terms and Conditions, not only the content that was directly in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

The Website Manager reserves the right to not publish / to reject content if the User-employer does not comply with editorial criteria for the Website (company/job is not startup or in IT sector, company identity is not clear, company is known to not regularly pay their obligations, people affiliated with the company have in the past year expressed strong negative opinions and warnings of illegal activities, company/employer entered incomplete information, it is not possible to contact the company/employer with the submitted contact information, company/employer is not responsive, the Website Manager establishes that the content is not appropriate for the target audience).

In such cases, the Website Manager is not required to inform the User about the denial, removal or deletion of content, or ask for their permission or reimburse the costs of publishing the content.

Anyone can inform us if the content published on this Website is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use or the currently valid legislation through our e-mail address We will investigate and act accordingly by removing the problematic content.

The Website Manager reserves the right to prevent or remove the published content of a Client that has not paid their obligations to that said content or any other published content on the Website. If the Client has paid for publication, that has been removed according to these Terms and Conditions, the Client has no right to demand a refund.


    • The Website Manager issues an invoice to the Client in advance for a set number or postings or other agreed upon services.
    • The Website Manager reserves the right to block Users password if the Client does not pay the invoiced amount by the due date and/or is in breach of these Terms and Conditions.
    • Access to freely published content on the Website is free of charge for Users.
    • Publishing of basic content on the Website is free charge for Users according to definitions in the Pricelist.
    • Publishing of advanced content is charged according to then valid Pricelist.
    • Valid prices of services are published in the Pricelist on the Website.
  • The Website Manager reserves the right to change the Pricelist. New Pricelist replaces the previous one when published.


The Website uses cookies exclusively for registered Users in order to support User profiles functionality. Cookies are alfanumeric identifiers that are stored on the Users’ computer. The Website Manager uses them to identify the User, so that they don’t have to enter login information every time they visit and use the Website.

Cookies can be managed in the web browser. It is possible that this is not available in browsers on mobile devices.


The Website Manager does not verify the Websites that published links to this Website, or Websites that are linked from this Website, and does not take any responsibility for content published on them.

Publishing of a link to 3rd party Website on this Website does not imply support or promotion or business relationship with that Website.

Users use such links and linked Websites on their own responsibility.


The Website Manager reserves the right to amend or revise these Terms and Conditions anytime and without notification.

Terms and Conditions apply until canceled or replaced with new ones. New Terms and Conditions are valid when published on this Website and so replace the old ones.

By using this Website the User agrees to be bound by then the current version of these Terms and Conditions.


The Website Manager is doing a best effort, but does not guarantee, to make the content and services of the Website available all days of the year, 24 hours per day, except for short outages for technical reasons.

The Website Manager reserves the right to stop the operation of the Website without any reason and for any duration without prior notification if they consider it necessary.

The Website Manager will notify Users about expected outages on the Website up to three days in advance if at all possible, except for short outages for technical reasons and short maintenance works (less than 12 continuous hours).


User of this Website or services explicitly allows the Website Manager to collect and process information with the purpose of running the Website and services, according to currently valid legislation and this Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms and Conditions.

The Website Manager can use the collected e-mail addresses of Users and Clients, occasionally send periodic announcements about news and own services and products that are related to job search and are deemed interesting or useful information for the User or Client. Every sent message shall contain means for User or Client to unsubscribe from such messages in the future.

The Website Manager enables access, amendment, change, blocking or removal of personal information related to a User or Client, based on their written request received on e-mail address


The Website Manager guarantees legal compliance and careful handling of Users’ and Clients’ privacy.

The Website Manager will store and handle all personal information received from Users and Clients in accordance with the currently valid Slovenian legislation.

Personal information are information that the User provides by entering them into a form on the Website or some other way.
User decides by their own judgement and out of free will which information and how much they will share with the Website Manager.
By providing personal information, the User agrees with their processing and use.
The Website Manager receives and stores the submitted personal information of the User and manages them in accordance with the currently valid legislation.
The User has the right to access, amend, change, block or remove their personal information, by written request sent to e-mail address
Personal information are processed and used exclusively for the purpose with which they were collected.
The Website Manager will not publicly publish the personal information from the User on the Website without the prior consent of the User, or give out the personal information to unauthorized third parties.
The Website Manager recommends Users not to include information they do not wish to be received by the employers in their submitted biography. The Website Manager will communicate the information only as submitted by the Users.
The Website Manager can use the User information for demographic analysis or any other analysis that would improve the service.
The User allows the Website Manager to use their personal information for the purpose of sending periodic e-mails about the status of the job market and news about the services of the Website and direct marketing of services of the Website Manager.
Information about the company that is the Website Manager are published on the Website.
After submitting the personal information, they may be stored for as many years as the Law prescribes.
The Website Manager automatically stores certain anonymous information that are in no connection with any individual and are dependent on the way how the User uses the Website. The Website Manager uses this information for internal research with the purpose of improving the service, statistical analysis and for security reasons.
Anonymous information from the previous paragraph are the name of the Website from which they came to the Website, the web browser used, type of hardware and software used to access the service and the current IP address of the computer accessing the Website.
The Website Manager is not responsible for privacy or cookie or content policy of linked web sites.
All information is used in accordance with the valid legislation.
This privacy policy changes in accordance with changes to the valid legislation.


The Website Manager is bound by the statement of Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms and Conditions.

Users who will submit and activate their resumes to this Website should omit information that they do not wish to be visible. Users should not attach copies of their official documents, identity cards or passports.

The Website Manager is not responsible for any damage that might occur if the User doesn’t omit these information or if the User can be identified based on the submitted resume.


The Website Manager will store and secure all Usernames and passwords as a business secret.

Only authorised personnel of the Website owner will and manage the passwords.

The Website Manager reserves the right to block username and/or password under suspicion of password breach or in case the User or Client – owner of the password, breaches these Terms and Conditions.

User passwords are issued and intended to be used by persons who requested them.

User who requested a password by signing up on the Website and received it is obliged to use it and take care of it with the diligence of good management.

User will manage their passwords in accordance with the Law and will not perform illegal and/or unauthorised actions over the privacy of other Users of the Website.

Registered Users and Clients are responsible for actions performed by using their Username and passwords.


User can access certain content (the entry page) of the Website without registration.

User has to register to access all further functionalities of the Website and publishing content on the Website, for security reasons.

User obliges that all information submitted to the Website is accurate and is responsible for their credibility.

User must not publish contact information about any third person without their consent.

Submitting false or made up information or representing yourself as a third person or submitting information about the third person without their consent is strictly forbidden and considered a serious breach of these Terms and Conditions.

The Website Manager is not responsible for inaccurate or false information about the Users of the Website.

The User is forbidden from using the job application to send commercial or other messages that are not related with the job application itself.

The Website Manager will warn the User if they discover or receive a complaint from the Client, that the User has abused the Website to send irrelevant messages. If the User continues abusing the Website the Website Manager will block the User access. The Website Manager is not responsible for the accuracy of information about the job searchers. The Website Manager reserves the right to block User access or delete the User from the Website if they discover or suspect that the User has entered inaccurate information or has breached these Terms of Service in any other way.

The User is also explicitly forbidden from the following actions:

    • using the service with the intent to publish or distribute content and/or services that are against the law and order and/or valid legislation, especially publishing fake, illegal, harmful, misleading, objectionable, ethically inappropriate or insulting content,
    • using the service and publishing content that is not inline with the purpose or the editorial focus of the Website, especially content abusing the service for commercial, illegal or any other purpose that is not defined in these Terms of Service, especially publishing,
    • the use of threats, condescending, abusive or discriminatory language and language which could breach personal rights or dignity of third persons,
    • any attempt to acquire, collect, change, damage and/or store personal information of other Users and information that these Users submit with the intent to use the service,
  • any intervention or attempt to change the code and/or source code of the Website.

Users are solely to be held financially and legally responsible for any breach of these hereby terms and Conditions of Use.


Users-employers and Clients have all responsibilities of Users of the Website and all responsibilities of a Client, because the relationship for the use of all services of the Website except the paid services, is created when the User-employer enters the system (the User performs electronic signup and receives e-mail notification about the acceptance).

Relationship for usage of paid services is created when the price of the service is confirmed.

Job postings and other content that the Client publishes on the Website must not breach the valid legislation and these Terms of Service. Content means the text of the posting, the used graphical elements, logos etc. Content must be valid, correct, must not be illegal, misleading, harmful, objectionable, ethically inappropriate or insulting.

The Client is obliged to not publish content that would hurt human dignity, promote discrimination against race, gender, age, nationality, religion or political views, be harmful for health or security of people, environment or cultural heritage, insult religious or political views or hurt the interests of the Users of the Website. Particularly, the Client must not advertise illegal work relationship or employment.

The Client is obliged to pay the invoice by date defined in the invoice.

The Client must publish the paid-for postings within 1 month from the date of the purchase or as agreed with the Website Manager.

The Client must store all passwords they received for the use of the Website and must not share them with an unauthorized person or abuse them in any way. The Client and the Website Manager will treat all non-public information – communication, materials and agreements about the relationship – as secrets. At the same time, they oblige to business ethics and non-disparage during and after the duration of the relationship.


Any claim relating to StartupJob.SI web site shall be governed by the laws of Slovenia without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

For any questions and further explanation of these Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy please contact us at We will do our best to respond as fast as possible.

Last update: Feb 26, 2019


Pogoji poslovanja urejajo način uporabe Portala in urejajo odnos med uporabnikom in Upravljalcem Portala in so sestavljeni v skladu z veljavno slovensko zakonodajo. je spletni zaposlitveni Portal za startup in IT sektor.

Portal je namenjen oglaševanju prostega dela in talenta v startup in IT sektorju.

Lastnik, imetnik spletne domene in Upravljalec je podjetje Poslovno svetovanje, Jure Vižintin s.p., Mesarska cesta 16, 1000 Ljubljana.


Portal se nanaša na spletni Portal
Upravljalec Portala se nanaša na podjetje Poslovno svetovanje, Jure Vižintin s.p., Mesarska cesta 16, 1000 Ljubljana.
Uporabnik se nanaša na uporabnika Portala, ki je lahko registriran ali neregistriran, prijavljen ali anonimen. Uporabnik lahko v skladu s svojim uporabniškim statusom pregleduje vsebine, oddaja vsebine v objavo, objavlja vsebine in ureja vsebine, pri čemer so vsebine vezane na bodisi iskanje bodisi ponujanje dela. Uporabnik lahko deluje kot uporabnik-iskalec zaposlitve, katerega primarni angažma s Portalom je iskanje zaposlitve in/ali uporabnik-zaposlovalec, katerega primarni angažma s Portalom je ponujanje zaposlitve.
Naročnik se nanaša na tistega uporabnika ali ekipo uporabnikov, fizično ali pravno osebo, ki z Upravljalcem Portala stopi v poslovni odnos preko naročila objave, izpostavljene objave ali drugih storitev.
Storitve se nanašajo na storitve, ki jih nudi Portal

    • objavo zaposlitvenih oglasov na Portalu,
  • oglaševanje na spletnem Portalu, povezanem novičniku in družabno-medijskih kanalih.

Upravljalec Portala ne opravlja dejavnosti študentskega servisa, dejavnosti zaposlitvenih agencij ali dejavnosti zagotavljanja dela drugemu uporabniku.


Z uporabo Portala je uporabnik zavezan s pogoji uporabe, veljavno zakonodajo in predpisi. V kolikor se ne strinjate s pogoji uporabe, vam je prepovedana upraba Portala in storitev. Uporabnik za svoje nezakonito ravnanje odgovarja. Pogoji uporabe veljajo za vse uporabnike enako.

Uporabniku je prepovedana kakršnakoli uporaba imena v katerikoli obliki za katerikoli namen, razen če je uporaba izrecno dovoljena s pogoji poslovanja, veljavno zakonodajo ali predhodnim pisnim dovoljenjem Upravljalca Portala.


Vsebine Portala (tekstovne, grafične, medijske, programska oprema kot celota ali izvorna koda) so last Upravljalca ali Naročnika storitev Upravljalca Portala in so avtorsko-pravno zaščiteni kot podatkovna zbirka oz. kot posamezno delo ali storitev. Dovoljuje se začasni prenos ene kopije materiala (informacij ali programja) iz spletne strani, izključno za nekomericialno prehodno ogledovanje z namenom zasebne, negospodarske rabe.

Brez predhodnega pisnega dovoljenja pooblaščene osebe podjetja ali avtorja vsebin na Portalu ni dovoljeno delno ali v celoti kopirati, razmnoževati, ponovno objavljati, spreminjati, nalagati, tiskati in razširjati, razen za osebno uporabo in uporabo, ki je izrecno dovoljena s posameznimi storitvami Upravljalca Portala.

Dovoljenje uporabe Portala se avtomatično prekine v primeru kršitve katere od teh omejitev. Upravljalec Portala lahko dovoljenje za uporabo Portala začasno ali trajno prekine tudi v primeru suma kršitve pogojev uporabe posebej v primeru t.i. industrijskega vohunjenja ali informiranja z namenom komercialne rabe teh informacij. Ob preklicu pravice za ogledovanje gradiv ali preklicu tega dovoljenja uporabe, mora uporabnik nemudoma uničiti kakršnakoli iz Portala pridobljena gradiva, ki jih poseduje v elektronski ali tiskani obliki.

Uporaba vsebin Portala je dovoljena le v zasebne in negospodarske namene, v kolikor drugačen način uporabe ni izrecno dovoljen s pogoji uporabe, veljavno zakonodajo ali s predhodnim pisnim dovoljenjem upraviteljem Portala.

Prepovedani so posnemanje in izvajanje dejavnosti, ki bi škodovale ugledu, delovanju in/ali uporabi Portala in/ali upravitelja Portala. Prepovedana je prodaja ali nadgradnja Portala, kraja ali kopiranje baze podatkov delno ali v celoti, uporaba avtomatskih poizvedb ali drugih robotov, ki avtomatsko pridobivajo podatke s Portala ali na drugačen način avtomatsko posegajo ali komunicirajo s Portalom. Prepoved ne velja za spletne iskalnike (universal search engines; iskalnike, ki iščejo in objavljajo povezave na vse spletne strani iz določenega geografskega področja in niso omejeni glede na vsebino, panogo, tipe datotek ali druge značilnosti). Prepoved se lahko umakne na podlagi posebnega pisnega dovoljenja Upravljalca Portala.


Upravljalec Portala ni odgovoren za:

    • morebitne poškodbe programske opreme ali strojne opreme, s katero uporabniki ali Naročniki dostopajo do Portala;
    • kakršnekoli okvare ali izgubo podatkov, ki so posledica napačne uporabe, tehnične neustreznosti programske ali strojne opreme ali neznanja in nespretnosti uporabnika oz. Naročnika;
    • slabo delovanje ali nedelovanje Portala zaradi motenj ali nedelovanja internetnega omrežja med uporabnikom in Portalom ali Upravljalcem Portala ali med Naročnikom in Portalom ali Upravljalcem Portala;
    • motnje delovanja Portala ali storitev Upravljalca Portala, ki so posledica višje sile;
    • morebitno škodo, ki bi nastala uporabniku oz. Naročniku zaradi nezmožnosti uporabe Portala, zaradi zaupanja v vsebino in storitve Portala, zaradi izgube podatkov ali zaradi drugih razlogov povezanih z delovanjem in dostopnostjo Portala;
    • vsebine, ki so objavljene na Portalu, kjer gre za vsebine, ki jih na Portal vnesejo uporabniki ali Naročniki samostojno. Posledično Upravljalec Portala ne prevzema odgovornosti za resničnost in zakonitost objavljenih vsebin, ki jih na Portalu oddajo uporabniki ali Naročniki;
    • netočne podatke iskalcev zaposlitve, ki jih vpisujejo uporabniki na Portal;
    • netočne podatke, ki jih Naročniki objavljajo na Portalu;
    • zagotovitev odzivnosti Naročnikov (in drugih uporabnikon-zaposlovalcev, ki so oddali oglas izven naročniškega razmerja) ob prijavi na zaposlitvene oglase, ker je ta odvisna od zahtev ter karakteristik prostega delovnega mesta ter internih postopkov zaposlovanja;
    • zagotovitev odzivnosti uporabnikov na objavo zaposlitvenega oglasa, ker je ta odvisna od zahtev ter karakteristik prostega delovnega mesta ter uporabniškega interesa;
    • pozno, pomanjkljivo dostavo ali nedostavo sporočil;
    • za škodljive posledice uporabe vsebin Portala, za njihovo pravilnost, točnost, popolnost ali ažurnost;
  • Upravitelj Portala in njegovi dobavitelji v nobenem primeru niso odgovorni za kakršnokoli škodo (npr. škodo izgube podatkov ali prihodkov ali škodo nastalo zaradi motnje poslovanja), ki nastane kot posledica uporabe ali nezmožnosti uporabe vsebin Portala, tudi v primeru, ko je bil Upravljalec Portala o možnosti take škode predhodno pisno ali ustno obveščen.


Gradiva, ki se pojavljajo na StartupJob.SI spletni strani lahko vsebujejo tehnične, tipografske ali fotografske napake. Upravljalec portala ne jamči za pravilnost, celovitost ali ažurnost gradiva na svojih spletnih straneh.

Upravljalec Portala in avtorji niso odgovorni za škodljive posledice uporabe Portala in njegovih vsebin. Upravljalec Portala lahko kadarkoli brez obvestila spremeni gradiva na svojih spletnih straneh.

Kljub tem določbam se bosta avtor vsebin in Upravljalec Portala trudila za čim večjo pravilnost, točnost in ažurnost in uporabnost vsebin spletnih strani.


Upravljalec Portala si pridržuje pravico zavrniti oz. umakniti celotno vsebino ali njen del, posebno v primeru, ko gre za kršitve pogojev uporabe ali veljavne zakonodaje in predpisov obenem si pridržuje pravico do izbrisa katerekoli vsebine, če meni, da vsebina kot celota ali njen del ne ustrezata tem pogojem uporabe ali kršita oz. bi lahko predstavljala kršitev veljavne zakonodaje ali pravic tretjih oseb.

Upravljalec Portala si pridržuje pravico, da iz istega razloga izbriše uporabnišiki račun oz. odvzame uporabniško avtorizacijo posameznega uporabnika oz. Naročnika in mu onemogoči nadaljnjo uporabo Portala. lahko izbriše vse vsebine uporabnika ali povezanega sklopa uporabnikov, ki so kršili pogoje uporabe in ne samo tiste vsebine, ki predstavlja neposredno kršitev opredeljeno v teh pogojih uporabe.

Upravljalec Portala si pridržuje pravico, da ne objavi/zavrne vsebino, v kolikor uporabnik-zaposlovalec ne ustreza uredniškim kriterijem za vključitev vsebin v Portal (podjetje/zaposlitev ni v startup ali IT sektorju ali pa identiteta podjetja ni jasna, podjetje je objavljeno kot neplačnik ali pa so njegovi sodelavci v preteklem letu javno izražali ostro negativno mnenje z opozarjanjem na kaznivo ravnanje, vnos informacij v Portal s strani uporabnika-zaposlovalca je pomanjkljiv, vzpostavitev stika z uporabnikom-zaposlovalcem preko navedenih kontatnih podatkov ni možna oz. je uporabnik-zaposlovalec neodziven ali pa Upravljalec Portala oceni, da vsebina ni primerna za ciljno skupino uporabnikov Portala).

V navedenih primerih Upravljalec Portala o zavrnitvi, umiku ali izbrisu spornih vsebin ni dolžan o tem obvestiti ali zaprositi za dovoljenje uporabnika ali povrniti stroška cene objave vsebin.

Če je vsebina na Portalu v nasprotju s pogoji poslovanja ali veljavno zakonodajo, nas lahko kdorkoli o tem obvesti preko e-poštnega naslova Po preverjanju bomo ustrezno ukrepali in odstranili sporne vsebine.

Upravljalec Portala si pridržuje pravico, da prepreči ali umakne objavo vsebine Naročnika, ki ni poravnal svojih obveznosti v zvezi s to ali kakšno drugo objavo na Portalu. Če je Naročnik plačal za objavo oglasa, ki je bil izbrisan v skladu s temi pogoji uporabe, Naročnik nima pravice zahtevati vračila plačanega zneska.


    • Upravitelj Portala Naročniku predhodno izstavi račun za določeno število objav ali za dogovorjene storitve.
    • Upravitelj Portala si pridržuje pravico, da uporabniku blokira njegovo geslo, če Naročnik ne poravna računa v navedenem roku ali/in krši pogoje uporabe.
    • Pregledovanje prosto objavljenih vsebin Portala je za uporabnike brezplačno.
    • Osnovno objavljanje vsebin Portala je za uporabnike brezplačno v skladu z definicijami v ceniku.
    • Objavljanje naprednih vsebin se uporabnikom obračunava po vsakokrat veljavnem ceniku.
    • Veljavne cene storitev so objavljene v ceniku na Portalu.
  • Upravitelj si pridržuje pravico do spremembe cenika. Novi cenik z objavo na Portalu zamenja starega.

PIŠKOTKI uporablja piškotke izključno za registrirane uporabnike z namenom podpore možnosti uporabniških profilov. Piškotki so alfanumerični identifikatorji, ki jih vpišemo na trdi disk vašega računalnika. Upravljalec Portala jih uporablja za identifikacijo uporabnika, da temu ni potrebno ponovno vnašati istih podatkov pri prijavi in uporabi storitev spletne strani.

Piškotke se lahko upravlja v spletnem brskalniku. Možno je, da sledenje ni mogoče znotraj brskalnikov na mobilnih napravah.


StatupJob.SI ne pregleduje vseh spletnih mest povezanih s Portalom in ne prevzema odgovornosti za vsebine teh strani.

Vključitev povezave na tretjo stran v Portal ne implicira podpore/promocije ali poslovnega odnosa s to stranjo.

Uporaba tovrstnih povezanih strani je na uporabnikovo lastno odgovornost.

VELJAVNOST IN SPREMEMBA POGOJEV UPORABE si pridržuje pravico do dopolnitve ali spremembe pogojev uporabe kadarkoli in brez obveščanja.

Pogoji poslovanja veljajo do preklica oziroma do izdaje novih. Novi pogoji poslovanja pričnejo veljati takoj z objavo na Portalu ter s tem zamenjajo stare.

Z uporabo spletne strani je uporabnik zavezan k upoštevanju trenutne verzije pogojev uporabe.


Upravljalec Portala si prizadeva, vendar ne jamči, da bodo vsebine in storitve Portala dostopne za uporabo vse dni na leto, 24 ur na dan, razen kadar gre za krajše ustavitve zaradi tehničnih razlogov. Izvajalec si pridržuje pravico, da kadarkoli, iz kateregakoli razloga in za kakršnokoli obdobje, brez predhodnega obvestila prekine delovanje Portala, če meni, da je to potrebno. Z izjemo krajših ustavitev zaradi tehničnih razlogovin krajših vzdrževalnih del (manj kot  12 zaporednih ur), se Upravljalec Portala zavezuje, da bo o predvidenih motnjah Naročnike obvestil preko Portala do tri dni pred začetkom del, če bo to le mogoče.


Uporabnik Portala ali storitev izrecno dovoljuje, da Upravljalec Portala z namenom zagotavljanja storitev Portala zbira in obdeluje podatke v skladu z veljavno zakonodajo in Izjavo o varovanju osebnih podatkov, ki je sestavni del teh pogojev poslovanja.

Upravljalec Portala lahko občasno na e-naslove uporabnikov oz. Naročnikov pošilja periodična obvestila o novostih, lastnih storitvah in izdelkih, ki so povezani z iskanjem zaposlitve in uporabnikom oz. Naročnikom predstavljajo uporabno ter zanimivo vsebino. V vsakem poslanem sporočilu ima uporabnik oz. Naročnik možnost odjave od nadaljnjega prejemanja podobnih sporočil.

Upravitelj Portala uporabnikom oz. Naročnikom na podlagi pisne zahteve na naslov omogoči do vpogled, dopolnitev, popravek, blokiranje ali izbris osebnih podatkov, ki se nanašajo nanje.


Upravljalec Portala jamči za zakonito in skrbno varovanje zasebnosti uporabnikov in Naročnikov.

Upravljalec se zavezuje, da bo vse osebne podatke, ki mu jih posredujejo uporabniki in Naročniki varoval in z njimi ravnal v skladu z Zakonom o varstvu osebnih podatkov.

Osebni podatki so informacije, ki jih posreduje uporabnik z vnosom na spletno stran ali na drug način.
Uporabnik se po svoji presoji in prostovoljno odloči ali bo informacije in v kakšnem obsegu posredoval Upravljalcu Portala.
Uporabnik s posredovanjem osebnih podatkov prostovoljno soglaša z njihovo obdelavo in uporabo.
Upravitelj prevzame in shrani posredovane osebne podatke uporabnika ter z njimi ravna skladno z Zakonom o varstvu osebnih podatkov (Ur.l.RS 94/07)
Uporabnik ima pravico do vpogleda, dopolnitve, popravka, blokiranja in izbrisa svojih osebnih podatkov s pisno zahtevo na email naslov
Osebni podatki se obdelujejo in uporabljajo izključno za namene, s katerimi so bili zbrani.
Upravljalec se zavezuje, da osebnih podatkov uporabnika ne bo javno objavil na Portalu brez predhodno pridobljenega soglasja uporabnika ali posredoval tretjim nepooblaščenim osebam.
Upravljalec priporoča uporabnikom, da svojih podatkov, ki jih ne želijo posredovati Naročnikom, ne vključijo v svoj življenjepis.Podatke Upravljalec posreduje le v obsegu, določenem s strani uporabnika preko vnosa podatkov.
Upravljalec Portala lahko uporablja podatke uporabnikov za analizo demografskih značilnosti obiskovalcev Portala in za druge analize, ki omogočajo izboljšanje ponujene storitve.
Uporabnik dovoljuje Upravljalcu Portala uporabo njegovih podatkov za namene pošiljanja periodičnih e-obvestil o aktualnem dogajanju na trgu dela in novostih v storitvah Portala in namene neposrednega trženja storitev Upravljalca Portala.
Identifikacijski podatki podjetja, ki upravlja spletno strani so navedeni na spletni strani.
Po izpolnitvi namena uporabe osebnih podatkov se ti lahko arhivirajo za toliko let, kolikor določajo zakoni, ki urejajo delovanje storitev uporabnika.
Upravljalec avtomatsko beleži določene anonimne informacije, ki niso v nikakršni zvezi s posamezniki ali posameznicami in so odvisne od načina, kako uporabnik pregleduje spletno stran. Upravitelj te informacije uporablja za interne raziskave, z namenom izboljšanja storitev, statistično obdelavo in iz varnostnih razlogov.
Anonimne informacije po prejšnem odstavku so nazivi spletnih strani, s katerih se vzpostavi povezava, uporabljen spletni raziskovalec, vrsta strojne in programske opreme uporabljene za dostop in trenuten IP naslov osebnega računalnika.
Upravitelj ni odgovoren za politiko zaščite, piškotkov in vsebine povezanih spletnih strani.
Vsi podatki se uporabljajo v skladu z veljavno zakonodajo.
Politika varovanja osebnih podatkov se spreminja skladno s spremembami relevantne zakonodaje.


Upravljalec Portala je zavezan z izjavo o varovanju osebnih podatkov, ki je sestavni del pogojev uporabe spletne strani.

Uporabniki, ki bodo na Portal vnesli in aktivirali svoj življenjepis, naj iz njega izpustijo tiste podatke, za katere ne želijo, da so vidni, prav tako naj v živeljenjepis ne pripenjajo kopij svojih osebnih dokumentov.

Upravljalec Portala ne odgovarja za kakršnokoli škodo, ki bi lahko nastala, če uporabnik teh podatkov iz življenjepisa ne izpusti ali če ga je na podlagi življenjepisa mogoče prepoznati.


Upravitelj se zavezuje, da bo vsa uporabniška imena in gesla hranil kot poslovno skrivnost.

Z gesli bodo ravnale le pooblaščene osebe upravitelja.

Upravitelj si pridržuje pravico blokade gesla v primeru suma zlorabe gesla ali kršenja splošnih pogojev uporabe s strani uporabnika ali Naročnika – lastnika gesla.

Uporabniška gesla so namenjena v uporabo osebam, ki so jim bila gesla izdana.

Uporabnik oz.Naročnik gesla, ki se je vpisal na Portal in je prejel geslo, je dolžan uporabljati geslo ter skrbeti zanj s skrbnostjo dobrega gospodarja.

Uporabnik se zavezuje, da bo skladno z Zakonom o varstvu osebnih podatkov varoval svoja gesla ter ne bo opravljal neupravičenih in/ali nezakonitih posegov v zasebnost uporabnikov Portala.

Registrirani uporabniki in Naročniki so odgovorni za dejanja, ki so bila opravljena z njihovim uporabniškim imenom in geslom.


Uporabnik lahko določeno vsebino Portala (vhodno stran) pregleduje brezplačno in brez registracije.

Uporabnik se mora za uporabo vseh nadaljnjih funkcionalnosti Portala in objavljanje vsebin na Portalu registrirati iz varnostnih razlogov.

Uporabnik Portala se zavezuje, da so vsi podatki, ki jih je vpisal na Portal točni in je odgovoren za njihovo verodostojnost.

Uporabnik ne sme objaviti kontaktnih podatkov tretje osebe brez njenega dovoljenja.

Navajanje izmišljenih podatkov ter izdajanje za tretjo osebo oz. vpisovanje podatkov tretje osebe brez njenega dovoljenja je strogo prepovedano in pomeni hujšo kršitev pogojev uporabe.

Upravitelj ne odgovarja za netočnost in neresničnost podatkov uporabnikov Portala.

Uporabniku je prepovedano zlorabljati možnost prijave na zaposlitveni oglas v komercialne namene ali pošiljanje drugih obvestil, ki niso povezani z objavljenim razpisom za delovno mesto.

V kolikor Upravljalec ugotovi ali prejme pritožbo s strani Naročnikov, da uporabnik zlorablja Portal za pošiljanje nerelevantnih sporočil, bo uporabnika opozoril, če ta s kršenjem nadaljuje, pa mu bo Upravljalec Portala blokiral dostop. Izvajalec ne odgovarja za netočne podatke iskalcev zaposlitev. Izvajalec si pridržuje pravico, da uporabniku blokira dostop ali ga izbriše iz Portala, če ugotovi ali sumi, da je iskalec vpisal netočne podatke ali kako drugače krši pogoje uporabe.

Uporabniku so izrecno prepovedana tudi vsa naslednja dejanja:

uporaba storitev z namenom objavljanja ali razširjanja vsebine in/ali dejavnosti, ki je v nasprotju z avnim redom in moralo in/ali veljavno zakonodajo, še posebej objavljanje neresničnih, nezakonitih, škodljivih, zavajajočih, spornih, moralno neprimernih ali žaljivih vsebin,
uporaba storitve oziroma objava vsebin, ki ni v skladu z namenom Portala, še posebej izrabljanje storitve v komercialne, nezakonite ali kakršne koli druge namene drugačne od tistih, ki so določeni v teh pogojih uporabe, zlasti objavljanje vsebin, ki tematsko ne sodijo na Portal,
uporaba groženj, poniževalnega, žaljivega ali diskriminatornega izražanja v komunikaciji ter izražanja, ki bi lahko kršilo osebnostne pravice in dostojanstvo tretjih oseb,
kakršni koli poskus pridobiti, zbirati, spreminjati, uničevati in/ali shranjevati osebne podatke drugih uporabnikov in podatke, ki jih ti uporabniki vnesejo z namenom uporabe storitve,
kakršnokoli poseganje ali poskus poseganja v programsko in/ali izvorno kodo Portala.

Uporabnik je za vsako kršitev teh pogojev uporabe odškodninsko ali kazensko odgovoren.


Uporabniki-zaposlovalci in Naročniki so obvezani z vsemi obveznostmi uporabnikov Portala ter z obveznostmi Naročnikov, ker se razmerje za uporabo vseh storitev Portala, z izjemo plačljivih storitev vzpostavi z vstopom uporabnika-Naročnika v sistem (Naročnik se elektronsko prijavi na Portal in prejme e-obvestilo o vključitvi v sistem).

Razmerje za uporabo plačljivih storitev se sklene s potrditvijo cene storitve.

Zaposlitveni oglasi in druge vsebine, ki jih objavi Naročnik na Portalu, ne smejo kršiti veljavne zakonodajo in pogojev uporabe. Vsebina se nanaša na besedilo oglasa, uporabljene grafične elemente, logotipe ipd. Vsebina mora biti resnična in pravilna in ne sme biti nezakonita, zavajujoča, škodljiva, sporna, moralno neprimerna ali žaljiva.

Naročnik se zavezuje, da ne bo objavljal oglasov, ki bi lahko prizadeli človekovo dostojanstvo, vzpodbujali rasne, spolne ali narodnostne diskriminacije in verske ali politične nestrpnosti ter dejanja, ki škodujejo zdravju in varnosti ljudi ali zaščiti okolja ali kulturne dediščine, žalili verska ali politična prepričanja ali škodili interesom uporabnikov Portala, Naročnik zlasti ne sme oglaševati dela na črno.

Naročnik se obvezuje poravnati račun v roku, ki je določen na računu.

Naročnik mora zakupljene zaposlitvene oglase objaviti v roku 12 mesecev od nakupa oz. kakor je dogovorjeno z Upravljalcem Portala.

Naročnik je dolžan hraniti vsa gesla, ki jih je prejel za uporabo Portala, in jih ne sme posredovati nepooblaščeni osebi ali kakorkoli zlorabljati. Naročnik in Upravljalec Portala bosta vse informacije ne javnega značaja – korespondenco, gradiva in pogovore vezane na medsebojno razmerje obravnavala kot zaupne. Obenem se obvezujeta k načelu poslovne etike in načelu ne-klevetanja med trajanjem in po trajanju poslovnega odnosa.


Za reševanje sporov nastalih kot posledica uporabe Portala, ki jih ni mogoče rešiti sporazumno, je pristojno sodišče Ljubljani.

Za kakršnakoli vprašanja in dodatna pojasnila glede pogojev poslovanja ali varovanja vaše zasebnosti smo vam na voljo na e-poštnem naslovu Potrudili se vam bomo odgovoriti najkrajšem možnem času.

Nazadnje posodobljeno 26.02.2019