Events and Jobs June 18. – 24. 2018

InternetWeek has an open morning coffee slot now

There are quite a few new members in our community (Welcome!), we call expats, either because they are new in Slovenia or new in the community. So we decided to start the so-called InternetWeek Expat Hour each Monday morning between 8.30 and at Lepa Žoga, Ljubljana. Those of us who are long-term community members, and those of us who have learned from our own experience, are happy to address relocation and integration questions, help navigate procedures and the community, just don’t expect us to make you coffee. Do share with your network, you never know who could use a chat or two with community natives.

On the horizon

Most of the old meetups are slowly ending their season, however new ones are coming

  • 25.6. Independence day is a national holiday  – long weekend ahead
  • 26.6. at 6pm Computer Museum Association meetup (more info available in next Monday’s InternetWeekly)

This Week
MON, June 18
8:30-9:00 Regular Monday coffee with expats (if you know of anyone who is new to navigating the innards of all things Slovene and technology, we’ll be more than happy to help with basic orientation), Lepa Žoga, Ljubljana
9am Machine learning for girls, FRI Ljubljana, 1st day, free

TUE, June 19
9am 23rd OTS Conference, FERI Faculty, Maribor
9am Machine learning for girls, FRI Ljubljana, 2nd day, free
5pm Free 2day workshop – »IoT«, Coworking Idrija, 2nd workshop

WED, June 20
9am 23rd OTS Conference, FERI Faculty, Maribor
10am Open Office Day, Celtra, Kongresni trg 3, Ljubljana, Celtra, RSVP
10am Free education on the blockchain, House of European Union, Ljubljana, RSVP till June 18!
4:30pm MakeIT Meetup: High Availability on the Oracle database, Poligon, Ljubljana
6:00pm SloGameDev June Meetup, Poligon Ljubljana, last meetup before summer break

THU, June 21
1pm Tech Lunch: Best party in park, Technology park Ljubljana, Green area next to building B
5pm HRM in the new world: Employer Brand, Outfit7 – Chrystal palace, Ljubljana
6pm ShareIT: Developer & Tester –can this be a  “dream team”?, ShareIT is welcomed by Comtrade, Ljubljana

FRI, June 22
10am Institut Jožef Stefan: Cybercriminal – magic, curiosity, fun, business and the immune system, taking place at NLB center for innovative solutions, Ljubljana

New this week:

Our weekly mini podcast aka the Audio version in Slovene for those who want to pick up a bit of the local tongue