At Zemanta we’re building the most advanced native advertising platform in the world. Marketing agencies love our dashboard – they use it to run native advertising campaigns that reach millions of people every day. In July 2017, Zemanta joined Outbrain (the world’s largest content recommendation company) on their mission to help anybody discover great content.We’re looking for a talented Backend Engineer to help us work with ad exchanges integrated with our real-time bidder. Currently, we’re integrated with more than 50, including GoogleAdx, AppNexus and Bidswitch, collectively producing hundreds of thousands requests/second – and we’re adding more all the time! A Solutions Engineer works directly with exchanges’ engineers to integrate them with our bidder and makes sure everything operates smoothly and efficiently afterwards, including ramping up traffic, troubleshooting production issues and performing various experiments to optimize our bidding.This is a unique role that requires strong backend engineering skills as well as great communication abilities. If you are a skilled engineer who likes the idea of working with the world’s leading exchanges and providing direct value to the business, we want to talk to you!And if you’re looking for a backend role with more project-oriented development, check out Backend Engineer, Real-Time Bidding or Backend Engineer, Services.

What’s it like to be a backend engineer in product operations at Zemanta?

  • You will join a small, independent team of talented engineers responsible for our real-time bidding infrastructure.
  • At the same time you will become a member of Outbrain’s world-class global engineering team and get a chance to work with some of the best engineers in the business.
  • You’ll be communicating directly with engineers at world’s leading ad exchange companies, such as Google, Yahoo and AppNexus, and providing value by increasing our supply pool.
  • You’ll monitor, tune and tweak our all integrations to make sure they are performing optimally.
  • You’ll work with exciting technology: most of our backend is written in Go, and we use AerospikeHadoop, Redshift and Kafka to handle our data.
  • You’ll get a lot of freedom – you’ll be encouraged to work on any part of the codebase to get the job done, and you’ll deploy all the code yourself (don’t worry, our tools make this super easy). This will allow you to move fast and deliver value with nothing slowing you down.
  • However, this also brings responsibility – we expect you to maintain very high standards of code quality, ensure excellent unit-test coverage and take care of any issues that arise.
  • We keep all our code in Github and we do a lot of code and system design reviews to share knowledge, prevent defects and ensure our code stays clean and maintainable.

For more information, have a look at our engineering employee handbook.


  • Good knowledge of modern backend development, databases, basic data structures and most common design patterns.
  • Ability to write clean, maintainable, well-tested and not over-engineered production code.
  • You set very high standards for yourself.
  • You have strong communication skills – you’ll be working with people from all around the world.
  • You are a reliable, trustworthy person that keeps their promises and takes responsibility for their actions.
  • You have a strong desire to learn and grow.
  • Having experience with our stack (Go, Python, Hadoop, Aerospike, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Docker) is a plus, but not mandatory – we value talent, strong fundamentals and dedication to excellence more than the tools you’ve used.


We care deeply and invest heavily into our team, setting everybody up for growth and success. In addition to being a part of a great team, working in a fast-paced startup environment, learning from other smart people and skyrocketing your skills, we offer:

  • International environment: work with world-class Outbrain engineers based in Tel Aviv and New York on a daily basis
  • Full-time employment with an attractive salary package
  • Stock options plan
  • Traveling to world’s leading software engineering conferences every year and learning from the best
  • A laptop and other equipment of your choice
  • Opportunity to give back to community – by open-sourcing code, giving talks and sharing knowledge through our tech blog
  • Flexible working hours and an ability to work from home occasionally – we want our employees to have a healthy work-life balance
  • Free access to the gym and pool across the street to keep you in shape

Not from Ljubljana? No problem – if you’re the right person for the job, we will help you with your relocation.

About Zemanta an Outbrain Company

At Zemanta, we're building the most advanced native advertising platform in the world. Marketing agencies love our dashboard - they use it to run native advertising campaigns that can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Offering them the tools they need to be successful is our main priority, so we are expanding our team to take our platform to the next level.

Zemanta recently joined Outbrain, the largest native advertising company in the world, on their mission of enabling everyone to discover great content.