Databox, a fast-growing software company that helps other companies monitor and improve their business performance, is looking for a growth marketer to help us grow traffic, product signups and sales through rigorous marketing analysis, planning and experimentation.

Databox offers users an easy way to connect, visualize, and track their performance data from 70+ tools across any device they’re using. We’re product-driven with a generous free product that generates thousands of signups every month. We’ve also built a content engine that generates ~200k sessions every month (and growing), ~70% of which is organic.

With a steady flow of traffic and signups established, we’re looking for a data-driven, software-savvy marketer to join our team who can help us identify growth and optimization opportunities, assist with planning out new content and content updates, and plan and execute projects and campaigns.

The Role

The ideal person is a technical and analytical marketer who is excited at the opportunity of digging into performance data to measure and report on what’s working, identify optimization and conversion opportunities, and develop a balanced plan that leverages existing channels and new ideas to scale product signups and sales.

The Work

  • Provide regular reporting on website and campaign performance in order to identify and communicate what’s working, where the growth opportunities are, and next steps
  • Combine data analysis and feedback from our Sales and Support teams in order to identify projects that can help influence signups and paid activations.
  • Collaborate with members of the marketing team across different mediums (website, blogging, email, social media, etc.) to identify ways to increase traffic and conversions, including optimizing existing content, calls-to-actions, offers/landing pages, as well as informing our strategy for new content.
  • Test and optimize new acquisition channels (i.e. retargeting, display, affiliate, etc.) that can have a positive impact on new signups.
  • Propose creative new initiatives that help us to capture more demand from our website as well as initiatives that help us capture existing demand from the market, including things like free tools, unique offers, etc., that attract qualified traffic.


The Skills

  • Excellent English-language speaking and writing.
  • Deep understanding of attribution models, split tests, and conversion data
  • Strong background in data analytics for marketing and sales. You understand the funnel impact of various channels/mediums and how to identify opportunities and allocate resources in order to improve signups.
  • Knowledge of marketing data analytics and attribution platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Mixpanel, and/or other attribution platforms.
  • You’re very well versed in SEO. You know how to conduct keyword research, run competitive analyses, and optimize pages using on-page SEO best practices.
  • Knowledge of optimization tools including for A/B testing, heat maps and click tracking, auditing/testing, competitive and SEO research, user/customer feedback, etc.  Strong project management skills. You’re a power user in tools like Asana. Since some of your projects may involve working cross-functionally with our sales, support, and product teams, your organizational skills will play an important role in projects being completed and being effective
  • Previous experience in a SaaS environment.


Questions to include on the application for screening purposes:

  • How do you identify conversion and optimization opportunities?
  • How do you approach improving the conversion rate of a specific page?
  • Which martech brands have the most interesting viral loops? Why?