We’re looking for a versatile machine learning engineer / data scientist to help us grow our real-time bidding (RTB) ad management services across Outbrain and Zemanta infrastructure.

Here’s what we’re working with

  • over 250 million machine learning predictions calculated – every second
  • ML models you ship to production have an immediate effect on the business
  • we don’t keep cutting-edge ML and deep learning algorithms in the drawer – we deploy them to production
  • terabytes of data generated daily, stored on S3 and BigQuery
  • multi-cloud environment – AWS, GCS, private cloud
  • Go-lang is our main production language, python for offline research
  • production ML algos developed in-house in either Go-lang or TensorFlow
  • in-house distributed AutoML framework for effective offline research
  • powerful research cluster for your use
  • full ownership of the ML-powered features we develop – from idea to final product
  • a lot of learning – both internally (knowledge sharing initiatives) and externally (going to the best conferences, reading papers, watching talks)
  • sharing knowledge externally (talk at conferences and meet-ups, mentor students at DataScience@UL-FRI, Zemanta Data Science Summer School, …)
  • be a part of a world-class data science and software engineering organization

Does that sound interesting to you? Read on!

As a machine learning engineer / data scientist you will be taking our data science opportunities all the way from ideas to solutions – from identifying and formulating the problem with our product managers and colleagues, through exploring terabytes of data, building predictive models and running thousands of offline experiments using our in-house AutoML framework. Then choosing best models and deploying them to production in A/B tests, analysing the results and looking after your models in the wild by monitoring their behaviour.

We set people up for success

We understand some people have better engineering skills while others are more versed in data science and machine learning. We like to do both.

So if you’re an excellent software engineer with a hacker mentality, who doesn’t have tons of machine learning experience yet but has a great passion for it, we are very excited to give you an opportunity to grow your data science and ML knowledge with our experienced data scientists.

And likewise, if you’re an experienced data scientist who solved many interesting problems using advanced machine learning methods – but do not consider yourself a programming wizard (yet), we will give you an opportunity to grow your engineering skills by working on highly-scalable production codebase with our experienced engineers.

What it’s like to be an engineer at Zemanta?

We solve hard problems: like processing over a million bid requests per second efficiently, keeping tens of thousands of advertising campaigns in sync across multiple 3rd party systems and managing a database with billions of entries and >100k qps. Each of those bid requests relies heavily on our machine learning algorithms.

We use the right tools for the job: Our stack includes: Go, Python, BigQuery, AWS, Kafka, Aerospike, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, Docker, Prometheus, Grafana. We use Github for managing code, Jira for keeping track of projects and Slack to tie it all together. Our machine learning algorithms are in-house developed in either pure Go or TensorFlow. BigQuery allows us to whizz through TBs of data for analysis using SQL.

We build things that matter to our users: Engineers work closely with our product team to understand how customers use our product. This helps us make better decisions when building new features.

We care about quality: We don’t just want things done, we want them done right. We cannot imagine life without continuous integration, one-click automated deployments, code reviews, technical specs, architecture design reviews and unit tests. We find beauty in simple and elegant solutions and flexible architectures.

We push people out of their comfort zone: If you want to grow, you’ll get all the responsibility you can handle. Our engineers take full ownership over projects, which includes everything from defining a solution with product managers, planning, architectural design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry – you’ll get plenty of support from more experienced members of the team.

We are a small team with global impact: Since joining Outbrain we’ve become a part of a global engineering team, which opens up lots of new opportunities for us. We collaborate with engineers and product managers based in Tel Aviv on a daily basis. That said, we’re still Zemanta – a closely-knit team with distinct identity.

We constantly try to improve: We share knowledge through internal weekly tech talks, postmortems, code reviews, blog posts, meetup talks and go to best engineering and data science conferences.


  • 3+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Machine Learning and Data Science knowledge and experience are a big plus, desire to build on it is a must.
  • Good knowledge of modern backend development, databases, basic data structures and most common design patterns.
  • Ability to write clean, maintainable, well-tested production code.
  • A strong desire to learn and grow as a member of a talented engineering and data science team.
  • You lean towards simple and effective solutions and are allergic to over-engineering.
  • We expect you to like working with people – you’ll be doing that a lot.
  • You are a reliable, trustworthy person that keeps their promises and takes responsibility for their actions.
  • Having experience with our stack is a plus, but not mandatory – we value talent, strong fundamentals and dedication to excellence more than the tools you’ve used.


We care deeply and invest heavily into our team, setting everybody up for growth and success. In addition to being a part of a great team, working in a fast-paced startup environment, learning from other smart people and skyrocketing your skills, we offer:

  • International environment: be a part of a global Outbrain engineering team
  • Full-time employment with an attractive salary package
  • Participate in the success of the company through our stock package
  • Traveling to world’s leading software engineering / data science conferences every year and learning from the best
  • A laptop and other equipment of your choice
  • Opportunity to give back to community – by open-sourcing code, giving talks and sharing knowledge through our many initiatives
  • Flexible working hours
  • We’re working fully remotely from the beginning of the pandemic until further notice
  • Hybrid working mode when things get back to normal (1-2 days per week in the office – or all days in the office if that’s what you prefer)
  • Free access to the gym and pool across the street to keep you in shape

Meet our team and learn more about what we do!

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