Databox, a fast-growing software company that helps other companies monitor and improve their business performance, is hiring a Marketing Research Analyst to help us create, publish, and analyze original market research reports.

Market research is at the center of our content marketing strategy and content marketing is at the center of our company strategy. In the last 4 years, we’ve crowdsourced 100s of articles on a broad range of marketing and sales topics with contributions from 10,000+ experts, including thought leaders at leading companies who frequently share and cite our content. This content has also helped us consistently grow our traffic, generate 4500+ product signups per month, and helps us educate our 10s of thousands of monthly active product users.

Now that we’ve built up an opt-in database of expert contributors we’re looking to get much more scientific about how we design surveys and analyze data. You’ll join our team of survey response recruiters, freelance writers, and editors to design short and long-form surveys, analyze the results, and produce insights and visualization we can embed in our content.

Given our relationships with thought leaders as well as our integrations with popular tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, HubSpot, Youtube, Google Sheets, Zapier, etc, etc, this is an opportunity for an analytical marketer to put themselves at the center of the business world as we start producing original research reports that will be cited all across the internet for years to come.

The Role

We’re looking for an analytical marketer who can help us develop survey topics that are both relevant to our audience yet accessible enough to generate a few hundred submissions, develop survey questions, run analysis on the survey results, and help create content that supports the overall results.

The Work

Design 2-3 new surveys per month on subjects of interest to our audience (marketing, sales, reporting, specific software tools, technology, etc.)
Design survey questions that collect information that allow us to analyze the subject, relevant demographics, as well as their answers to the questions.
Analyze the survey results and provide a written analysis for our writers to use in order to create a cohesive narrative around the survey results.
Draft reports that present the survey analysis as well as the qualitative insights shared by contributors.

The Skills

– Excellent English-language speaking and writing
– Experience with designing and executing different types of market research
– Extensive experience with survey design and analysis
– General understanding of marketing (SEO, content, email, social media, etc.), sales, and marketing tools and technology.
– Experience with data visualization in tools like Google Sheets, Canva, and more.

**Please submit at least one sample of a survey and/or survey analysis that you’ve published.